Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Online Trolls

It's difficult to be an open book and not attract criticism from other people. I get that and to be honest the only people I have had online problems with, are people that I know in "real life" – yes, it is true! All the online twitter trouble has stemmed from four people I know. I could not have made it any clearer that this year I am solely concentrating on my writing and being the best Mum I can be to the boys. In spite of keeping these people at arm's length in real life, they have insisted on following my online life and trashing me. I get they don't like me, so why bother yourself with anything I do? Admittedly, I don't know these people very well and VICE VERSA but yet they seem to take great exception at what I am trying to achieve for the boys and myself. They obviously have issues they will not address to my face.

The same pattern of behavior has started to emerge. I block them; they set up new accounts; they read my posts. Even though I'VE BLOCKED THEM, they assume ALL my posts are specifically about them. I don't know what it is about social media and some people. All I can think is their conscience is pricked for some reason. 

People fail to understand the mechanics of social media. Essentially they are a communication tool. Behind the scenes, they provide quality analytical information so you can monitor the success, or failure of posts. In addition, each post leaves a digital footprint. Even if it is deleted, it remains on the service provider's servers. All posts CAN BE traced including the date and time, leaving a chronological order of events categorically demonstrating where, how and when the abuse originated from. People can deny they ever tried to cause trouble but the truth lies in the digital age. I have always taught my boys 'if you're old enough to do the crime, you have to do the time!'

My advice to anyone suffering online harassment is – REPORT IT and BLOCK THEM. Keep screenshots of all the tweets. On some applications you can actually report each individual post. DO IT. Don't suffer in silence. Why should sad individuals spoil your opportunity to connect with people worldwide?

It's funny (or not so) I only get abuse from people who have had their main account blocked. Social Media companies do all they can but ultimately it is a matter of personal responsibility and accountability. I did stoop to their level yesterday but I am only human and instantly regretted it - why? Because I have a conscience. In fact, it has been claimed I called someone a 'brainless tart'. What I actually said was 'Don't you just look up to the skies somedays and say 'stupid brainless tarts' or words to that effect. That is a GENERIC statement non-specific. If you're reading my timeline when you are blocked and immediately take offence and believe it is personally directed at you, then that is on your conscience. Your problem, not mine.  

My followers are truly fantastic; the support and engagement I get is heart-warming. A message to the trolls – PLAY NICE or don't play at all. More importantly, if you get caught out – own it and don't try playing the victim as digital footprints will demonstrate the contrary. It's not even about the comments, it's about the lies and the deceit, dragging people into it that get sucked in by the lies. 

Like life, social media is great but you will always get a small minority who want to spoil it for the majority. I , for one, won't be bullied off social media. Taking the positive out of this situation - at least I was right and justified to cut these people out of our lives.


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The Nanny

My latest project is progressing well. I love the characters in this. We have two very strong lead characters whose strength has grown from adversity in their childhood.

Today, after the school run, I am shutting myself away to spend the day marketing and writing. Tonight Lucas starts training for a new football club, hopefully the rain will clear by then!

Remember, don't suffer in silence. People behaving badly is not about you or your responsibility – it is ON THEM. Have a fabulous week. 

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