Sunday, 29 May 2016

Moving on…cutting out the noise

After the horrors of this past week and picking myself back up AGAIN, I have spent five hours this morning doing research and submissions. It's not even eleven clock but I love early mornings. It is so peaceful.

I admit I have had thoughts of giving up this week – 'why bother?' Well, why should I? Why should my boys suffer because of other peoples' lies, bullying and abuse? So, we have had a 'conscious uncoupling', which is the only way we can move forward and not keep going through this hellish rollercoaster. You can't change other peoples' behavior but you can stop it affecting you.

I am more than happy to admit I am perfectly imperfect. Every life is a work in progress – it sounds corny but it is true. I desperately want to succeed in life so I can give the boys the lives they deserve. I don't want to be on the scrap heap. I have overcome so many obstacles and have more life to look forward to. You're either with me or not. If you're not with me…PLEASE leave now.


Signing my postal vote, actually brought great relief. I love politics but this campaign has been dirty, disgraceful and incredibly arrogant. I'm embarrassed how us Brits must be coming across to our EU friends. Believe me, these people do not speak for me. The EU is not perfect but I love being a part of a multi-cultural, fair and humane Europe.


I received an email this week, from the funding council, confirming my research is well within their funding remit. BUT – and there's always a BUT – there are a number of obstacles I have to work through – STORY OF MY LIFE!

If anyone has any useful advice, it would be greatly appreciated.


I've submitted this work now…fingers crossed.
This is the outline of the script:

Logline:         In a dark world of unimaginable pain and tragedy, angels and heroes emerge as shining beacons of hope. All is not lost.
Genre:           Drama – North of England, 2015.
Life's path can change at the blink of an eye or the detonation of a bomb. In Leeds, Rob Kennedy should have been planning a wedding, not a funeral. Consumed with guilt and grief, suicide seems his only option to end the perpetual nightmare. A single of act of kindness saves him from himself.
In Birmingham, Georgina Harding escapes the pedophile ring, after being imprisoned by her mother's new partner. At fifteen, living on the streets is a safer option.
In Manchester, Jonathan Maitland is released from prison and begins searching for his traitor of a wife, after she assisted the police to secure a conviction against him. This time he was determined to end her life.
Three lives worth saving, yet their paths are about to cross with potentially lethal consequences.

If you happen to be in film, TV – please, please HELP – not that I'm desperate like.

As you can probably imagine, my head has not been in my writing this week – I'M BACK… back taking on the world – one word at a time.
Follow your dreams
Much love 

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